Now that the A to Z Challenge is over it’s time to get down to a regular blogging schedule.  I still need to make a defined schedule of topics, but I know I will be blogging on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I might sneak in a Saturday once in a while, but three times a week is a good goal for me while raising five kids.

I still have a lot to learn, but I just joined Pinterest and got onto TpT, but don’t have anything for sale there yet.  I have a blogging buddy at Magic Mistakes and Mayhem and we are setting blog goals and will re-evaluate those twice a month.

My question to you is…

What do you want to see (one or more combo of these)?
   A.  More detailed hands-on math activities.
   B.  Website links to math games/resources
   C.  Themed math units (i.e. addition or fractions)
   D.  Math book reviews.

And do you have an advice for me as I keep growing an expanding my blog?

I would like to do the Teaching Blog Traffic School but if you know of any other sites or general tips to help a new blogger, please let me know.


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