I enjoy going to yard sales, but I have never actually had one.  It seemed like a lot of effort and not much return, but I know some people really can make a lot from them.

Anyway, here are some activities you can do with math and yard sales…

  • Go to one or more yard sales.
    • Look in your local newspaper and on Craigslist.org for yard sales in your neighborhood.
    • Determine a list of things you would like to buy at a yard sale.
      • Have a budget before you go by determining the most you would pay for each item–$3 for a shirt, or $5 for a game.
    • Go to the yard sale with your parent and keep a log of your purchases.
      • Once you get home you can estimate how much you saved by going to a garage sale vs. paying full price at a store–remember that a store would add tax to your item.
  • Prep and have a yard sale.
    • Look through your belongings for things you no longer use or no longer fit.  
    • Ask you parents if you can have a garage sale–if not, you could consider donating them instead.
      • Give each item a yard sale value–typically it is 60-20% of the original value depending on its wear and tear.
    • Make signs and advertise for your sale on the internet and by word of mouth.
      • When people come you can ask them how they found out about your sale.  You can track their responses on a chart and see the best advertising spot or tool.
Do you like going to Yard sales?  What’s been your best find?
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