Velcro has been around a while–since 1948 and it can be fun to play with too.

 They come in different forms: sew on strips, adhesive backing strips, and adhesive backing dots or squares.
The hook side is the stiffer side and the softer, fluffier side has little loops.

Mostly what you can do with Velcro involves physics, but young students can play with velcro and make observations, write down data, and make hypotheses.  Here are some things you can try with Velcro.

  • Put a hook piece of adhesive Velcro on the underside of a desk.   Put the flexible loop adhesive piece on a hook of some sort.  Hang a plastic bag from the hook and see how much you can put in the bag until the Velcro can’t hold it any longer.
    • Can you find it’s breaking weight?
    • Were you able to put more things in the bag than you thought you could before it broke the Velcro bond?
      • How many items did you put in the bag?
    • Can you make it so close to breaking the bond where you can count the number of strings from the loop end that are holding onto the hooks?
How many items do you own that have Velcro?  Can you do math with them?
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