Some people have plenty of these to work with… math with shoes.

  • How many pairs does each person in your house have?  How many individual shoes does that make? Approximately how long would they be if they were put in a line?
  • Using all the pairs of shoes in the house, try to organize them by style: Running shoes, dress shoes, sandals, etc.  Make a bar graph of your findings.
  • Measure your shoes.  What is the length and the width?
    • Can you draw a shoe portrait? (My 6th grade teacher assigned us to do this once and it was so much fun–instead of a self portrait a shoe portrait!)
  • Estimate how long you think a shoe with laces is.  Take it out and measure.  Were you right?  Can you re-lace the shoe the same way again?
How can you have mathematical fun with shoes?
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