A fun food that has a lot of fiber–it’s popcorn!

Yum!  I had to make some so I could get the picture… Before it was popped it looked like this…

How many kids could identify a popcorn kernel?  Do they know how much just 1/4 of a cup of popcorn makes?

  • You could make a popcorn necklace with dental floss (and using a needle).  See how long you can make it–how many pieces of popcorn did you use?
  • Do a comparison with popped corn pieces and popcorn kernels in two measuring cups side by side.
  • Practice simple division and multiplication (and their fact families) with popcorn kernels (this does take fine motor skills!)
    • In little bowls count out a certain number of kernels (take 5 for example).  If you have four bowls and each person’s bowl will get 5 kernels, what is the total?
    • Take a handful of kernels and divide them between bowls equally.  36 kernels shared 4 ways will be ____ kernals. 36  ÷ 4 = 9, 36 ÷ 9=4, 4 x 9=36, 9 x 4=36
For reading there is a great kids book…The Popcorn Book
And just for fun you can sing Popcorn Popping
What can you do with popcorn and math?
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