How many of these do you have around?

Here’s some things to do to keep the kids busy and engaged in math…

  • Take objects and see how many paperclips long they are.
    • Measure the paperclip and then calculate (multiply) how long your objects were.
  • Sort one box or handful of paperclips by color and/or size.  Make a graph based on your findings.
  • Interlock the paperclips and see how many paperclips it takes to make a belt for yourself.
  • Do a doubling exercise.  From one paperclip hang two clips, then hang two clips on those clips, and keep going until you run out.  This teaches the power of two and the products (1, 2, 4, 16, 32, 64, 128…)
    • You could do a different power like 3 or 4–just hang that many paperclips off of each one. 
  • Bend a paperclip so that it is one line like a stick and measure it.  How long would all your paperclips be if they were unbent and put end to end. (I think it would surprise you how long it is.)
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