I wanted to make it possible for all kids to do these activities, so I threw in both items so it wasn’t swayed to the females or the males.  So whether you have necklaces or neckties, you should be able to do some activities…

Necklaces (could be all the necklaces in the house or just one person’s collection)

  • How many are there?  Sort them by type or color.
    • If there is a pearl or beaded one–how many beads does it have?
    • Which one weighs the most?  And which one weighs the least?
  • Find out how much the necklace collection is worth.
  • Estimate the length of each necklace.  Then measure to see if your guesses were correct.
    • Make a chart of the length of each necklace–What is the most popular length?
  • How many are there in total?
    • Of those, how many are plain vs. patterned or striped vs. design?
    • Are they all the same length and the same width?
  • Measure people’s necks to find out how much of the necktie goes around their neck.
  • Have someone tie the necktie properly around their neck and measure how long it hangs.  Is this the same for everyone.
    • Practice tying a tie if you don’t know how.  How many times do you have to do it to get it right?  Time it to see how fast you can tie it properly?  Does practice help you get faster?
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