Playing with money can be really fun as a kid (and maybe as an adult too).  I find that many kids find it difficult to make change with money, though.  I am trying to get some children’s book published that involve playing with money.  If you need to print out some play money, you can print my ‘menu money’ here.

Here are some activities you can do with your student.

  • Have a child add up three different priced items (total under $20).  Have them find change (from a $20 bill).
  • Play with fake money (add, subtract, multiply, and divide).
    • Add up an order at the grocery store, divide to find the average per household member.
    • At a restaurant multiply and see how much the total would be if everyone ordered the same thing.
    • For any of these situations, given the play money, have them make change from a larger paid amount (If the total is $8.75, how much would you get back if you gave them $20–and to be more difficult–how much would you get back if you gave them $20.25?)
  • Get to know what currency is in your area–US $, CAN $, Euros, etc. and practice using them.
  • Play with a budget.  Have the kids plan meals with only a certain amount of money for a few days–can they stay within the budget?
Are there there any other denominations of ‘menu money’ you want to see?  .01 or .50? Maybe a 50 or 100?
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