We have a ton of them here, but any interlocking bricks will work…

  • Sort by colors and see how many of each color you can find.
  • Sort by sizes.  What is the most popular size?
  • Teach multiplication by the dots on top…
    • 1×2=2, 2×2=4, 2×3=6, 2×4=8, missing 2×5=10, 2×6=12
    • Find out the multiplied total for these by counting just one column and one row…6×10
 and 6×8
  • See how high you can stack one brick on top of another.  Measure how tall it gets.  You could make it a race and just give yourself and another player 2 minutes and see who has the highest stack.
  • With Legos you can make charts, pattern the blocks, count blocks, and much more…
What can you do with Legos and math?

Maybe if your Lego lovers get really good they can make things like this…
or this…
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