There’s a lot you can do with kitchens.

You can cook in kitchens and look in the cabinets, among a lot of other things…

  • What if you could redesign your kitchen?  What would it look like?  Take measurements of your space and design what to do with it.
  • Count how many drawers you have vs cabinets. Are all your cabinets the same size?  How many plates and bowls are in your cabinets?
    • Organize the silverware.  Is there the same number of all the forks, spoons, and knives?
  • Look in the refrigerator. How many jars are in there?  Make charts based on the food in the fridge…
    • Bar graphs on how much food is on each shelf.
    • Venn diagrams of who eats what food.
    • Pie charts with expiration dates.
There are a ton of things to do… What can you do in your kitchen?

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