The letter I was difficult to come up with something, but I think ice cubes can be fun to play with…

  • You can find out the volume of a bunch of ice cubes by filling up a measuring cup to a certain measurement and then put the cubes in.  The difference is the volume of the ice itself. (Water displacement)
  • See how many ice cubes you can stack one on top of another.
  • Build an ice cube pyramid.  How many ice cubes did you use?  You could be given a certain amount and make any other type of structure.
  • Get a bunch of ice, put it in a measuring bowl or cup, estimate how much water it will be when it melts.  Come back the next day… Was your guess correct?  Is there a puddle of water on the outside of the glass from condensation?
  • You can talk about freezing temperatures for water vs. apple juice, soda, or something else.  Try making different types of frozen cubes.  Do they melt at the same speed as ice?  Try a side-by-side comparison.

What math things can you do with ICE CUBES?

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