Time to look in those closets, make some observations, count hangers, and maybe organize!

  • Count how many hangers you have in your closet?  Are they all the same color?
    • Find the percentage of each color.
    • How many hangers are not holding clothes?  What percentage is that?
      • Of the hangers holding clothes, compare how many are shirts vs dresses and pants?
    • How do you findings compare with other closets in the house?
      • Who has the most organized closet?
        • What makes it the most organized?
          • Time yourself to see how fast you can organize your closet.
  • How much are the clothes hanging on your hangers worth?
    • You can discuss how clothes lose value (Retail vs. Resale values), but then they might increase in sentimental value…
      • Calculate the resale value of your closet?  Average each kind of item (for example shirts $2 each, dresses $7, etc) then multiply and add to find the total value for your closet.
  • Other random things to do.
    • Have fun designing new hanger designs (This is more of an art activity–but you can still have them draw it to scale).
    • How many hangers can you hook with one another to get to the floor of your closet? 
What math games can you do with HANGERS?
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